A Great Financial Management Tool For Young Adults!

As parents of teenagers, we know there are certain universal truths when it comes to money:

  • They spend lots of it, most of it electronically
  • They don't use checks (way too last century)
  • They use debit cards almost everywhere
  • They use lots of gift cards
  • They don't record their purchases, so they have absolutely no idea how much is in their checking accounts or on their credit cards or gift cards.

How do we keep them from overspending or incurring pricey overdraft fees? Simple, with the Purchase Tracker. Our research tells us that teens won't use a check register to record their purchases or ATM withdrawals after the fact because they don't even know where their checkbook is. But they will use the purchase tracker that comes with each SafeCard because it's right there in their pocket. Each Purchase Tracker has eight mini registers to keep track of balances on numerous cards. And the Purchase Tracker slips right inside the SafeCard so that purchases can be recorded on the spot. It makes teens feel like they have regained control of their money.

Purchase Tracker allows you to track multiple cards simultaneously.

What is Included?

  • SafeCard
  • Set of 4 Purchase Trackers (32 mini registers in all