This award-winning book shows students how to skillfully avoid making common mistakes and how to build good financial habits that will last a lifetime and save them thousands of dollars in the long run. This book makes it clear that getting the most of college depends on having a financial game plan and, accordingly, it shows students how to do just that.

Authors: Susan P. Beacham and Michael L. Beacham


1. What's This Going To Cost?
2. How Do I Keep My Expenses Under Control?
3. What If I Need To Make Money?
4. Will Student Loans Hang Over My Head Forever?
5. What Do I Need To Know About Debt?
6. What's The Best Way To Pay For That?
7. How Does A Credit Card Really Work?
8. How Do I Choose The Right Bank?
9. How Can I Give Back?
10. Resources

52 Pages
Ages 17-22

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