Money Savvy Kids Club Series

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"Once upon a time” has usually been reserved for stories about damsels in distress and knights slaying dragons. That’s appropriate for fantasy tales which end with everyone living “happily ever after.” But sometimes children need books that aren’t pure fantasies. They need books which engage them as they teach important lessons about living and succeeding in the real world. Books that end with something like, “and they lived financially secure ever after.”

Co-written by financial literacy expert Susan Beacham and New York Times bestselling author, Lynnette Khalfani Cox, the “Money Savvy Kid$ Club” children’s book series are not fantasy books. Rather, they are smart, creative, beautifully illustrated picture books which teach children that money is not merely something to be used for buying pizza and the coolest new toys and games. Through four funny and engaging stories, a group of childhood BFFs learn that there are actually four things you can do with money: Save, Spend, Donate or Invest.