Introducing an innovative curriculum that will transform your students into Money Savvy Kids.

It's sure to be one of the most popular units with your students and their families!

Helping your students develop good personal finance skills cannot begin too early. As a pioneer in developing basic personal finance curriculum for elementary grades, Money Savvy Generation offers award-winning, age-appropriate instructional materials to engage students at every level of the elementary years. The 6-level curriculum has a spiral construct that continually reinforces and builds on previously introduced concepts.

Our material aligns with Common Core State Standards, National Jump$tart Coalition Standards and NCTM (National Council of Math Teachers) standards and expectations in these critical areas: problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connection, and representation.

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Level PK
Pre-K or Kindergarten

Level A
K or 1st Grade

Level B
1st or 2nd Grade

Level C
2nd or 3rd Grade

Level D
3rd or 4th Grade

Level E
4th or 5th Grade

Teachers Were Asking, "What's Next?"

This multi-level curriculum grew out of the highly acclaimed 8 lesson series that was introduced in 2002 and was quickly adopted in one or more elementary school districts in 26 states. The original curriculum featured the now famous interactive teaching tool, the Money Savvy Pig piggy bank.

From the outset, teachers began requesting additional material beyond the original 8 lessons. In response to that demand, we developed a five level curriculum with instructional materials incorporating the same principles that made initial curriculum so popular:

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