Level E is recommended for either 4th or 5th grade classrooms.

Hours of Instruction: 6 (eight 45-minute units)

Students will continue to work with the Money Savvy Pig piggy bank on a classroom versus individual basis. Each of the four lessons has three exercises that help students practice their new financial knowledge and helps teachers assess how well the material has been learned. The worksheets, some done individually and some done as a group, incorporate word games, puzzles, math problems and even an art project. Each 90 minute lesson is broken down into two 45-minute segments; 45-minutes for classroom instruction and 45-minutes for completion of the three activities that accompany each lesson. All instructional materials are included.

Level E Alignment to Common Core Math Standards

Level E Alignment to Common Core English Language Arts Standards

Total teaching time required: 6 hrs. Pre-requisite: Levels C & D.


1: Taxes
2: Credit and Credit Cards
3: Risk and Insurance
4: Types of Investments and Investment Accounts

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Student Materials
  • 17 page Student Workbook
  • Includes three activities for each of the four lessons

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Note: The Licensing Agreement for the Money Savvy Kids curriculum requires the purchase one set of instructor materials per classroom and one Student Workbook per pupil. Instructor materials may be reused from year to year.