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Money is a very emotional topic. It is right up there with politics, sex, and religion. It's hard to talk about money because like the other referenced topics it can be a flashpoint. Yet, as a financial professional, money is what you are about and it's important that you do talk about it.

You can easily build awareness of your financial advisory practice by educating your community about money. And Money Savvy Generation’s award-winning solutions are the perfect way to engage your clients, your prospects, and your community with a path towards financial literacy that will transform their lives. Our tools give you the words and the strategies to talk about money with your clients and their families along with take home activities so that the learning can continue at home.

There are many ways to reach and teach without having to create content:

  • Customize banks with your company’s logo
  • Host a one-hour presentation for your community or in a local classroom
  • ...and more!


Our experts are available to family office organizations and your clients:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Individual/family coaching
  • Intergenerational workshops

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Money Savvy solutions be used to help build client loyalty?

The Money Savvy Pig and other Money Savvy products are the perfect tools to build client loyalty. Clients easily understand how these simple, yet effective educational savings tools work the minute they see them. Our award-winning products are ideal to help keep your name “top-of-mind” with clients as a “go-to” resource to help them and their children when it comes to money management. Our products are great to:

  • Say thank you to clients opening a new account.
  • Share with clients on special occasions (i.e. holidays, client anniversary, etc.)
  • Congratulate clients on the birth of a child/grandchild.
  • Be a conversation starter for clients who find the topic of money management challenging.
  • Help clients interested in educating their children about money management.
  • Present as a unique teaching tool or door prize at client seminars.

Is special pricing available for larger orders?

Yes! We offer volume pricing on orders of 48+ banks or Cash Cache organizers. Special pricing is also available for the award-winning Official Money Guide book series on orders of 50+ books. See links below for pricing:

Money Savvy 4-Chamber Banks - Volume Pricing
Cash Cache Organizers - Volume Pricing
OMG Official Money Guide Book Series - Volume Pricing

Can I get my logo printed on the banks or books?

Yes! Custom printing is available on both our Money Savvy banks and the Official Money Guide book series. See the volume pricing links above for pricing.

How can Money Savvy solutions be used for community outreach and/or CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) Credits?

Interested in engaging with your community? Try hosting family financial education sessions or present financial education lessons to students in local classrooms. Money Savvy has several options for you!

Community presentations to families:

  • With elementary-aged children: Spark money conversations using our Money Savvy banks, along with the Money Savvy Family Activity & Coloring Books and our FREE one-hour presentation script (available upon request) to qualify for CRA credit.
  • With pre-teens and teens: Test teens’ money knowledge and offer tips to introduce them to one or more personal finance topics using a lesson or two included in the Money Savvy U curriculum, which includes the engaging “Do You Think Like a Millionaire?” game, or our Official Money Game for Students (a Family Feud-style game with printable worksheets for activities to complete during the game).
  • With high school to college-age youth: Our Balancing Act! Budgeting Game is perfect to help young adults practice their budgeting skills. The game takes attendees through a simulation of choosing a career, getting an apartment and all the lifestyle amenities for the life they want to lead, provided that their budget tells them they can afford that lifestyle.