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We have been very happy with using the banks for our kids. We started early, so they automatically figure all their gifts and income into the quarter divisions of the bank. They are proud of themselves when they save up to buy something all by themselves. They are quick to donate when the opportunity arises. We are very proud of them, too. As a bonus, we have had many low-pressure opportunities to learn the names and values of the coins and how to count money. And that has made them feel confident in their math skills at school.

I'm glad we have one of these, it's a great jump start to life lessons that otherwise might get overlooked or introduced "too late in the game" and it provides us (the parents) with a great visual tool to help teach our children a very valuable lesson through choices and implications. I found it was easier to discuss the concept of spending money when we had the Money Savvy Bank to look at and use as a tool.

I wanted to write and let you know how much our family LOVES your products! After looking over the internet for several hours I hand-picked your products because of your cool Savvy Pigs. Sometimes when you order something it shows up and you are let down. This experience was the opposite, my kids were thrilled. The product was well built. I was amazed and it has set my children on a path to saving and opening future doors of opportunity. They have divided all their money into the various sections and having the time of their lives.
Michael W.

I have two young girls (7 and 10) and they totally get the concepts this piggy bank teaches. This pig is an inexpensive way to teach your child a very valuable lesson that is not readily available to be learned in school. Although, I have heard that some public schools in Chicago are teaching this program and using the Money Savvy Pig. If they endorse it, it certainly gets my vote! This is also a great idea for a girl or boy scout try-it activity! Don't forget Christmas presents too. The lessons of the pig will last a lifetime!
Marilyn R.

I recently ordered two Money Savvy Pigs for my two young nieces. Besides being a good tool to teach the kids about the basics of family finance, Money Savvy Pigs will help them to develop some important values in life, such as appreciation and being responsible.
VJ Bar

I ordered two Cash Cache for my teen children for Easter. The contents are wonderful. They are so excited about saving their money and really consider what to do with each dollar. They are also more motivated to earn money which means more help with less whining. This tool is worth every penny!!!
Brita C.

I just wanted to say that your product is genius! I have purchased a pig for each of my sons and now give one as a gift at each baby shower or birthday party that I attend. They are always a big hit and a gift that I know nobody else will duplicate. Parents and kids love them and I like knowing that I am giving something that will teach future generations how to budget and save their money. Especially with how bad our economy is right's important for kids to learn these fundamentals.
Alicia N.

As a parent, I want to let you know how much our family is getting out of the Savvy Piggy Banks that we ordered for our 6 and 8 year old girls. They are using all four compartments wisely, and discuss decisions when using the "Spend" compartment. We are thrilled with your product!
Karen J.

I am purchasing my third bank for our youngest who just turned three! This has been a great learning tool for my older two girls and I am very thankful this bank has all four categories into one which makes it easier to teach them about saving, investing, donating and spend! I don't want my kids to go through financial challenges like most Americans are doing today. Hopefully by teaching them now about money will help void tough financial times later in life.
Lauren M.

I just wanted to send a letter letting you know how much our family has enjoyed using your product. The Money Savvy Piggy Bank is truly the best piggy bank out there for your children. My boys 7 and 5 have learned so much about money just by using your piggy bank. I especially like that you encourage parental involvement to explain the importance of how best to take care of your money. My eldest son has been saving for college for nearly a year now. We will probably have to invest his money soon, because it is almost full (and he doesn't even get an allowance yet)! He puts a portion in donate and says he doesn't need anything, so all the rest of his money goes into Invest for College. My husband and I are convinced that he will have saved enough for college by the time he is 18, if he keeps this up. :) We have a family blog and we have blogged about your piggy bank and have a link to your website recommending the product. Thanks again for such a great product!
Kimberly W.

I just have to let you know that we are really enjoying the MSK@Home program. Our girls look forward to our Sunday night "family class". It's even more fun to hear the vocabulary being used often and in context. This is a fabulous way to open discussions and raise awareness about money and how we use it. Those little "Aha" moments that they experience in our daily lives as consumers are amazing. With gratitude,
Molly J.

A friend gave one of my children a pig years ago. I have since purchased another one for my youngest child, and a few for other young ones (friends & family). Every child we come to know well will be receiving one-- as long as you are producing them. This piggy bank fits the system I created for my oldest child (13 yrs ago after much research) perfectly!
Kimberly H.

I have been a financial services rep for 12 years and have seen several ideas for teaching kids about money. This is the most comprehensive one I've seen to date! I can't wait to share this with my nieces and nephews. A great way to contribute to their success in life.
Elizabeth F.

I bought one for my 5 y/o daughter, and it's AWESOME, so now my 3 y/o son is getting one for Xmas. Its been great for discussions about finance. The clear chambers make it easy for them to see their money adding up and my girl loves putting money in. THANK YOU!
Erin R.

This brings my total to 4 banks that I've purchased from you so far, and I'm on a mission to let as many people as possible know about these banks. I think they are OUTSTANDING! They teach children so much more than a standard bank; particularly about the importance of donating and investing. Keep up the great work!!
Charlotte G.

I ordered 3 Cash Caches for my own children and they have been such a wonderful tool that I am ordering 5 more as gifts. I confess I considered making a homemade version but the 'cool' factor of the Cash Cache has really caught the kids' attention. It's well made, well thought out and adaptable. My 9 yr old just puts a note in the pocket to remind him what he's saving for, while my 14 yr old has her stock statement filed with her investment goals. I highly recommend it as a fun way for kids to begin learning life-long financial lessons.
Terry P.

This is one of the best ever ideas to help parents teach their children the importance of saving, investing and contributing to charities and causes of THEIR choice but still treat themselves to a little spending. Great self esteem builder and nest egg builder.
Victoria M.

Thank you for your extraordinary pig! My toddler (3) will be sending her DONATE money to the Red Cross this afternoon to help the victims of Katrina. What an effective categorization of her money use. While she doesn't fully understand it all, she is developing a habit and I am grateful to your ingenuity for making it part of her world.
Pam W.

I have to admit that I was nervous that these things were going to be pieces of junk. I ordered one for my oldest first just to see what it was like. I was very impressed and ordered them for my three other kids. They are great and my kids love them. You have an awesome product. The personal attention I received was amazing and extremely rare for an online shopper! Thank you and good luck with your pigs!
Ryan S.

I have a 15 year old son who has always been challenging in the area of his personal finances. I accidentally ran across your web page and was intrigued enough to buy the Cash Cache. Well, I am certainly impressed! After I bribed my son into reading your material, he now seems to be a convert. He is finally setting organized goals and handling his money responsibly!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-Lynda P.

"He's learned about lots of things at school. By far, what he learned in the Money Savvy Kids program is one of the most relevant because it will enable him, as an adult, to stand on his own feet financially."
-Parent of a 1st grade student

We bought four of your wonderful Money Savvy Banks for our children and we are so glad we found you!!! I have been looking for a product like the Money Savvy Bank for over 5 years. My mother had used small sectioned shoe boxes with openings in the lid for the exact same concept! As a result, all four of her children had each earned and saved most of their college education and living expenses before graduating from high school. The budgeting concepts we learned from mother's shoe boxes not only enabled each of us to finance our college educations with NO parental supplements, but we have also grown up to become financially independent, hardworking, money-saving adults with college degrees and families of our own. Knowing first hand the importance of teaching children early about earning, saving and investing money, I have been searching for a product that emulated my childhood shoe box bank. I was ecstatic to find the Money Savvy Pigs complete with the same money goals that I had scribbled on my shoe box years ago! Thank you for making it easier to pass on an inheritance of not simply wealth but wisdom!
-Rachelle B., Roseau, Minnesota

"The Money Savvy Pig is THE BEST!! I saw the article in Time Magazine and had actually heard of this savings concept, but using labeled jars. The pig is much easier. My son is 5 years old and he already understands this savings concept. Thank you for developing such an educational and fun way for kids to understand finance."
- Marilee E.

"The kids love their piggy banks and my oldest who is five is really keen on using her investment section to save so she can be a doctor some day. The stickers really help clarify what they are saving for and help make each category clearer. Neat idea! Thanks again!"
-Lori H.

"Thank you for developing this product. I wish I had had one of these when I was young. I am buying them for my sons five and seven. I am especially impressed with the addition of a charitable donations slot. THIS is the kind of message we need to be sending to our children instead of the unbridled quest for 'more'. In these times we need to help our children see we are a tremendously wealthy nation and there is so much need in the world. Maybe our children will grow up to be a little more sensitive to the rest of the world and be able to garner a bit more respect and lessen the tensions we are experiencing now. Thank you for creating a tool that is truly helpful to parents!"
- Rachel M.

"My kids are thrilled with the Money Savvy Pig and the Cash Cache! When I gave my kids their Money Savvy Pig and Cash Cache they both went into their rooms and were quietly gathering their money together and were very excited about this. My son who is six is using the Money Savvy Pig and has put all of his allowance money into "save" and said that he will not spend any of it. He wants to save for a Hummer limo (just what every teenager needs) when he turns 16 so he can drive all of his friends around. My daughter, who is 16, loves the Cash Cache and has put money into all of the compartments but most of it into "spend," unfortunately taking after me. So I guess I have a few things to teach them but this is good! Now I just need to remember to give them their allowance money."
-Liz G., Florida

"While surfing the Internet one night, I came across an article regarding the Money Savvy Pig in the San Diego Union-Tribune. It talked about the Money Savvy pig - its beginning, its uses as a piggy bank, and the way it teaches children the concept of saving, planning, investing, and philanthropy. I was sold. I had been looking for SOMETHING to teach my 4 year old the ideas that 1) money doesn't grow on trees and 2) the joy of sharing with others in need. After a harrowing holiday season where temper tantrums were the norm during any/all shopping trips, I felt that these lessons needed to be taught QUICK. I bought two - one for my 4 year and one for my 2 year old (I figured let's start her young!!). My four year old took to it like flies to honey. She immediately got the fact that the pig was clear, and she could see how much money she was saving. She is also excited about the idea of opening a savings account!

I showed the Money Savvy Pig to a friend of mine who is a financial planner, and he flipped over it. He said it was "really cool" and a very good idea. There is now a yellow one sitting on his daughter's bookshelf. Thank you so much. I plan on buying these and giving them out as birthday presents. I think they are the best and get the message across very clearly to those as young as 4!!!"
- Christiane S.

I found you while surfing the web for children's educational toys and also under 'best new products' from a magazine. I've bought 4 banks (niece, and friend's kids). Two kids really liked them, as did their parents. The other two only used them for spending money and their parents, who also had money problems themselves, were disinterested. The 6-8 year range liked them the most. I put $20 in each spend slot, then gave them 20 brand new single dollars to divide themselves. They had choices to make. Thanks for this great idea. I'm 44 and had money growing up, and part-time jobs, but I never saved or learned how to balance a check book or create a budget (either from school or home). Money just wasn't talked about; home-economics yes, but not personal finances.
-Janice P.

I must tell you that this is the best customer service I've EVER received. I had TWO emails from Michael with a url link for the cows on the website and at the crack of dawn no less! I've placed my order, and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I ordered 4 cows last week, one for my seven year old daughter and 3 for a friend's children, and they were a huge hit. In fact, all four children carried them around for a few hours, my daughter in her bookbag, and it was a SATURDAY! My friend and I were so thrilled with the banks, and our children's reactions, that we ordered an additional 6 this morning as gifts for the slew of birthday parties our children will attend before month's end. Although dolls, trucks and the like are fun, this is something that will be remembered and last a lifetime. Again, thank you for your follow up and for creating products that will help parents who wish not only to lead a financial savvy lifestyle, but want to instill those values in their children.
-Tawanda M.