A few words about how we ship.

We ship to all 50 States, plus APO/FPO addresses, U.S. Territories, Canada, the UK and Singapore. If you live outside of these specific areas please click "Find A Local Store" on the menu bar to the left. 

Standard Shipping

Most orders ship same day or next business day. Packages shipping to the Lower 48 States are sent via UPS Ground or Priority Mail at the customer's selection. Packages to AK and HI as well as APO/FPO/DPO addresses are sent via USPS Priority Mail. Our shipping/handling costs are based on the weight of the items ordered and distance of the shipping address from the Chicago area. We do not receive large bulk discounts from the shipping companies and our shipping and handling prices are set to simply cover our costs (postage, UPS fees, packaging materials, labor) on a customer by customer basis. Any discounts we do receive from shippers are passed along to our customers. For orders sent outside the continental U.S. we utilize USPS Priority Mail.

Express Shipping

For time-sensitive orders we offer UPS 1-day, 2-day and 3-day services. Services offered may vary by shipping location. Express items ship the same day that they are ordered, provided that the order is placed before 3:45pm Central Time. Otherwise express orders will ship out the next business day. Our shipping/handling costs are based on the weight of the items ordered and distance of the shipping address from the Chicago area. Delivery is expressed in business days. Saturday delivery is not available.

Estimated Delivery Times

For packages shipped via USPS Priority Mail, expect delivery within 4 to 10 days. For packages shipped via UPS Ground, expect delivery within 1 to 5 business days. For packages shipped via express service, expect delivery within 1 to 3 business days. Delivery to Alaska and Hawaii may take longer. Delivery times to Canada are unpredictable due to processing times in Canada Customs.

Address Corrections
At the time an order is placed, the Customer is responsible for providing us with an accurate and a complete delivery address. A $12.00 fee per package will be charged if an address correction or re-routing is required after an order is placed.

APO/FPO Addresses
APO/FPO orders are picked up from our warehouse by the US Postal Service and then delivered to the US military mail service which is responsible for final delivery. While this is generally a reliable service, there is no means of tracking packages to the final delivery address. Therefore APO/FPO orders are not eligible for refunds if packages do not get delivered or are damaged in transit.

DPO Addresses
Any orders being delivered to the diplomatic mail service, must conform to the required package requirements of the service. Before ordering, please be sure that packages will be accepted at the processing center. We will not provide any refunds for packages that are rejected for delivery by the diplomatic mail service.

Information For Canadian Customers:

Additional Costs
The amount that you charge on your credit card today does not include additional charges that you will owe for import duty, sales taxes and customs brokerage charges. The shipping company that you select will collect these additional charges when they deliver your package. These costs can be significant.

Should I Choose USPS or UPS As My Shipping Company?
The trade-off here is time versus cost. If you use the postal service there can be lengthy delays (two weeks or more) getting the parcel through customs. But the Postal Service charges less for customs brokerage (see Customs Brokers Fees below). If you use UPS Standard service your parcel will arrive more quickly as they clear packages through Canada Customs in one day. But UPS charges significantly more for their customs brokerage charges, at least $20. UPS Express services will always get your package to you the quickest, but at significantly higher shipping cost. However, UPS Express services will not incur additional customs brokerage charges as they are built into the cost of the shipping.

Canada Customs Duties
Duties on goods vary widely, depending on the product and the country in which it was manufactured. The plastic piggy banks that we sell can be imported into Canada duty free. Some of the other items that we sell may be subject to duty by Canada Customs. If you have questions about Canada customs and duties, please contact a Canada Border Services Agency office.

Canadian Taxes
Just about everything individuals import into Canada is subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of five percent. The GST is calculated after customs duties have been applied. You may also have to pay the applicable Canadian Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Quebec Sales Tax (QST). The provincial retail sales tax rates vary from province to province, as do the goods and services to which the tax is applied and the way the tax is applied. In Canadian provinces with a Harmonized Sales Tax (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador), you may be charged a flat 14 percent, rather than separate GST and PST.

Customs Brokers Fees
A customs broker is required to clear your package through Canada Customs at the Canadian border. Fees for that service will be passed along to you:

Canada Post automatically applies a $5.00 processing fee ($8.00 for Priority Post) for each package to clear Canada Customs.

For merchandise under $20 UPS charges no brokerage fee.

For merchandise between $20 and $200 UPS charges a $10 brokerage fee per order for UPS Standard service.

For merchandise over $200 shipped via UPS Standard service UPS brokerage charges start at $41.85 per order and go up from there depending on the value of the merchandise.

UPS does not charge additonal customs brokers fees if you utilize one of their express services.

Information For ANZ Customers:

As we have only recently started shipping to the region, we do not know what are the duty, sales tax or brokerage charges to which your order may be subject. It is likely that UPS will need to collect additional charges from you when they make their delivery.