Have A Chat With The Talking Money Savvy Pig Puppet.

Just like his plastic piggy bank counterpart, this cuddly Money Savvy Pig puppet teaches kids that there are four choices for money-- you can SAVE, SPEND, DONATE and INVEST it! The talking puppet speaks the money choices of SAVE, SPEND, DONATE and INVEST when you press on the savings icon above each word embroidered on the side. He also giggles when you squeeze his front left foot. A perfect stuffed animal for children who may be too young to begin working with a piggy bank. Also perfect for those kids who love their pig so much they want to share sweet dreams with him.

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
Batteries present a choking hazard for very young children. For safety we recommend that batteries be removed if very young children are not being supervised by an adult when playing with the puppet.  


Money Savvy Pig Puppet Characteristics

Price: $19.99 plus s/h.
Size: 11.5 inches long, 9 inches high and 6.5 inches wide
Material: Soft Polyester
Available Color: Light Blue

Hand opening is in the tummy so that adults and kids can make the mouth move when the pig gives smart money advice.

Comes with:

  • A durable polyester backpack/sleeping bag!

Product: Money Savvy Pig Puppet
Price: $19.99
In stock: Yes

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