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Money is a very emotional topic. It is right up there with politics, sex, and religion. We can joke about politics and sex, but money and religion remain flashpoints. Yet, as a financial professional, money is what you are about.

It is easy to reach someone on an intellectual level about money, but when you touch them emotionally, you create a degree of client appreciation that has long lasting effects. Depending on your business objectives, you can use our products and services to reach your clients and your community in a variety of ways. Here are just three examples:

Your Objective: Build Client Loyalty

The Money Savvy Pig and our other products are the vehicles to build that loyalty. Clients understand how these educational savings tools works the minute they see them. The power is in their simplicity. By helping them, you have helped your practice.

Use the Money Savvy Pig, Cow or Football to...

A great add-on is the 24 page, softcover Money Savvy Kids Family Activity & Coloring Book at $2.99.

Use the Cash Cache to...

Customize Your Order!

We can imprint your logo in any color you wish. This one color process takes 5-10 business days. The minimum quantity for imprinting is 48 banks (4 cases) and you must order larger quantities in units of 12.

On your first order of 48 banks, the one-color imprinting charge is $147.00, which covers the plate, the setup and the imprinting of the banks. Every bank we imprint beyond 48 costs $1.50 additional. On subsequent orders you will not need to incur the cost of the printing plate, so the reorder setup charge is reduced to $35.00.

We recommend white ink on our colored banks and black ink on our clear banks. Colors of banks may be mixed if desired. Your art, which should be sized to fit into a 2 inch diameter space (for the right side of the bank), must be submitted to us electronically in an .eps file format. If you don't have pre-exisitng art, we can create artwork for you consisting of your name and contact information in a variety of fonts for $30 Please direct inquiries and art to

Your Objective: Attract New Clients and Build Your Reputation

Build awareness about your practice by reaching out to the children in your community with a free one hour Money Savvy Pig piggy bank instructional session. We will provide the complimentary, easy-to-follow speaking outline. Use your office or other public facility, including the community meeting room at your local bank, as the venue where parents can partner with their children to learn the money management techniques offered by the Money Savvy Pig.

What a great way to start the dialogue between parents and children about money. And, what a great way to introduce you and your practice to young, growing families. These are also the types of activities that local papers love to cover!

For each child, you will need to purchase a Money Savvy Pig piggy bank and a Coloring and Activity Book. Total cost of bundle: $21.94 + shipping. Volume pricing and customization as described above can apply.

Your Objective: Give Back to the Community with the Gift of Sponsored Curriculum

You will do well by doing good with a gift of sponsored Money Savvy Kids Basic Personal Finance Curriculum (grades 1-5) or our Money Savvy U Intermediate Personal Finance Curriculum for middle school, featuring our popular Cash Cache Beginning Personal Finance Organizer.

Popular Programs:

Click here to read the short case study of a sponsored curriculum program
in District 203 in Naperville, IL.



You can always customize student materials to ensure that your organization gets the credit it deserves for its good works.

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