Isn't it about time we raised a Money Savvy Generation?

Young children have no preconceived notions about what they can or cannot learn. They are open and willing to accept basic personal finance education and incorporate it into their daily lives. This is the missing link that Money Savvy Generation has worked to address with its unique set of products and services.

Our Products

Money Savvy Pig Savings Bank
Meet the piggy bank for the 21st century . It is a unique, patented four slot piggy bank with separate chambers for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest. This interactive tool for children ages 4-11 teaches them sound money management techniques.

Money Savvy Cow and Money Savvy Football Savings Banks
Same format as the Money Savvy Pig Savings Bank.

O.M.G. Official Money Guide for Teenagers
This comprehensive book on personal finance is written specifically for teenagers and is full of valuable information collected from financial experts.  Use it to get the money talk started with your teen. Full of helpful, informative graphics and charts, the format of this book makes the subject matter easily accessible for teenagers. 

Money Savvy Kids Coloring & Activity Book
This 24-page book works together with the Money Savvy Pig, Cow and Football banks because kids can color the pages while they learn about important concepts such as bartering, interest on your savings, goal-setting, smart-spending, philanthropy, long-term investing and entrepreneurship.

Savings Spree
Savings Spree is a fun App with a serious lesson for children ages 7 and up (younger children can play too with a little help from mom and dad or an older sibling). It teaches kids how the choices they make each day can add up to big savings or big expenses, depending on how they decide to spend (or not spend) their money.

Money Savvy Kids Club Books
Co-written by financial literacy expert Susan Beacham and New York Times bestselling author, Lynnette Khalfani Cox, the newly published “The Money Savvy Kids Club™” children’s book series are not fantasy books. Rather, they are smart, creative, picture books which teach children that money is not merely something to be used for buying pizza and the hippest new CDs. Through two funny and engaging stories, beautifully illustrated by Tom Deja, a group of childhood BFFs learn that there are actually four things you can do with money: Save, Spend, Donate or Invest.

Cash Cache Personal Finance Organizer
This compact, zippered organizer is designed to teach teens (12-16) the skills that they will need to get and stay on target towards a bright financial future. It contains a 36-page handbook covering the basics of personal finance along with four zippered pouches, one each for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest, plus templates for goal setting, goal tracking, budgeting and spending prioritization.

Money Savvy Kids Basic Personal Finance Curriculum
This five level, spiral construct curriculum is designed for grades K-5. It features complete instructional materials so no lesson planning is required. It is aligned with state standards for math and social studies, and its effectiveness is supported by independent research.

Money Savvy Kids @Home
The interactive home version of Money Savvy Kids offers parents a creative, child-friendly educational program for children 6-11 that teaches over 100 economic concepts in a fun, easy, and engaging way.

Money Farm Activity Book and DVD Series
This 24-page activity book and companion DVD are based on the Money Savvy Kids Basic Personal Finance Curriculum. The Emmy nominated DVD contains 12 segments of Money Farm where kids talk to kids about saving, spending, etc. Designed for ages 6-10.

Money Savvy U Intermediate Personal Finance Curriculum
Money Savvy U is the perfect complement to any economics, consumer education, business education or personal finance class. Designed to engage young teens in grades 6-10, the classroom presentation material generates interesting classroom discussions. Students learn to build sound money management habits by practicing with the Cash Cache Beginning Personal Finance Organizer.

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