Official Money Guide for Couples

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Product: Official Money Guide for Couples
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This book will save your marriage / relationship!

Creating rock-solid finances doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey down a winding path lined with financial transactions and accounts. A path on which you will walk, talk, set goals, plan, save, spend, invest, track, have successes, make mistakes and try again. On this path you will figure out what works best for you and your circumstances. At the end of this path is a solid foundation for a happy financial future spent together.

Our advice will help you navigate this path. We give you practical tips for designing, negotiating and operating a harmonious financial life. This book will get you off on the right start. If you each read this book and follow the advice, you will face much less stress in your new life as a couple, financial or otherwise.

Authors: Award-winning authors Susan P. Beacham and Michael L. Beacham, founders of Money Savvy Generation.


1. Creating a Plan Together
2. Managing Money
3. Tracking Expenses
4. Give Each Other Credit
5. Debt
6. Investing
7. Cost of Homeownership
8. Insurance
9. Protecting Your Joint Identity
10. Activities

72 Pages
Ages: Adult

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