Money Savvy U helps young adults get off on the right foot towards a bright financial future

Hours of Instruction: 6 (EIGHT 30- to 60-minute lessons)


1: Budgeting
2: Power of Compounding
3: Smart Spending
4: Smart Borrowing and Use of Credit Cards
5: Smart Investing
6: Ways To Pay

7: Mobile Payments and Apps
8: Identity Protection

This curriculum aligns to the Math and English Language Arts Common Core Standards:
Alignment of Lessons by Grade (Grades 5-8)


All teacher materials are contained
on a USB Drive.

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Instructor Materials)

Money Savvy U is the perfect complement to any economics, consumer education, business education or personal finance class. Designed to engage young teens in grades 6-10, the classroom presentation material generates interesting classroom discussions. Each of the eight scripted lessons requires approximately 30 to 60 minutes of classroom time, including discussions. Instructor materials consist of a scripted, animated PowerPoint presentation on a USB Drive, an instructor's script with discussion starters, suggested classroom exercises, budgeting templates and other resources. Students learn to build sound money management habits by practicing with the Cash Cache Personal Finance Organizer. The curriculum also includes the "Do You Think Like A Millionaire Game" designed to teach asset-building skills through a fun and interactive team game format. Allow a full class period for the game.

Total teaching time required: 6 hrs. Pre-requisite: None.

Technical Requirements: This USB Drive will work in both a Windows OS and a Mac OS environment. In addition to Adobe Reader or other PDF reader software, Windows and Mac users will need to have Microsoft PowerPoint or a PowerPoint Viewer software installed on their computers.