You wish that you had had this as a child.

You work hard to make sure that special child in your life is emotionally and physically healthy. You're a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, uncle, or perhaps a friend. But what about that child's financial health? Money doesn't come with instructions, so it is vital that a child learns early on how to make good financial choices. The ability to make good financial choices is something even a young child can understand if you put the right tools in his or her hand. Tools you probably wish you had had when you were growing up.

Money Savvy Generation has those tools. Our products are simple, but effective. They are designed to teach kids and teens the basic building blocks for good financial decision making like:

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Meet our Money Savvy Pig®

This is the piggy bank that you wish that you had had as a child. Especially designed for ages 4 to 10, the Money Savvy Pig is a unique 4 chambered piggy bank that won a Parents' Choice Gold Award when it was introduced in 2002. Why does it work? Because it involves the child. He or she is taught how to set goals and make meaningful financial decisions.

You can tell or even show a child something, but unless that child actively involves himself, his behavior will not change.

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Get familiar with our Cash Cache® for Teens

So, that special child in your life is older? Get familiar with our Cash Cache Beginning Personal Finance Organizer for ages 11-16. This sturdy organizer is designed on the same interactive principals as our piggy bank which reinforce financial goal setting and making financial choices. It will give that young adult in your life the opportunity to look, act, and feel like someone on the road to financial adulthood!

Cash Cache (pronounced cash cash); Definition: 1) A hiding place used especially for storing provisions; 2) A place for concealment and safekeeping, as of valuables.