We offer innovative personal finance curricula
for Pre-K to elementary grades and beyond.

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So where does this material fit into my already crowded day? Use it as another way to teach your students math concepts. Our material aligns with Common Core State Standards, National Jump$tart Coalition Standards and NCTM (National Council of Math Teachers) standards and expectations in these critical areas: problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connection, and representation.


Level Lessons

Level PK

Grades Pre-K or Kindergarten

3 Hours of Instruction

1: What Is Money and How We use Money
2: Coin Identification & Coin Value
3: When Money Is Gone, It's Gone!
4: Keeping Money Safe
5: Earning Money
6: Donating Your Time

Level A

Grades K or 1

3 Hours of Instruction

1. What Is Money For?
2. Coin/Currency Identification
3. When Money Is Gone, It's Gone!
4. Keeping Money Safe
5. Different Kinds of Jobs
6. Doing A Good Job
7. Investing In Education
8. Donating Your Time

Level B

Grades 1 or 2

3 Hours of Instruction

1. What Can I Do With My Money?
2. Setting Priorities
3. Delaying Gratification
4. Budgeting
5. Savings Accounts
6. ATMs (Getting Your Money Back)
7. Learning How To Economize
8. Being A Savvy Spender

Level C

Grades 2 or 3

6 Hours of Instruction

1. The History of Money
2. Where Does Money Come From?
3. Kids Can Earn Money Too
4. Saving Money
5. Spending Money
6. Donating Money
7. Investing Money
8. Family Money Press Conference

Level D

Grades 3 or 4

6 Hours of Instruction

1. Budgeting and Choices
2. Saving & Investing
3. Philanthropy
4. Ways To Pay

Level E

Grades 4 or 5

6 Hours of Instruction

1. Taxes
2. Credit and Credit Cards
3. Risk and Insurance
4. Types of Investing


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Level Lessons

Level F

Grades 6-10

5 Hours of Instruction

1. Budgeting
2. Power of Compounding
3. Smart Spending
4. Smart Borrowing and Use of Credit Cards
5. Smart Investing
6. Ways To Pay
7. Identity Protection