Level C is recommended for either 2nd or 3rd grade classrooms.


Financial Literacy Curriculum of The Year!

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1: The History of Money
2: Where Does Money Come From?
3: Kids Can Earn Money Too
4: Saving Money
5: Spending Money
6: Donating Money
7: Investing Money
8: Family Money Press Conference

Hours of Instruction: 6 (eight 45-minute lessons)

Students love working with the Money Savvy Pig piggy bank and, of course, receiving one of their very own to use in the classroom and ultimately take home. They relate to the hands-on-activities, two per lesson that simulate real life experiences and will enjoy singing along to the catchy "History of Money" song. There are also newsletters to take home to start the dialogue between parent and child. All instructional materials are included.

Level C Alignment to Common Core Math Standards

Level C Alignment to Common Core English Language Arts Standards

Total teaching time required: 6 hrs. Pre-requisite: None.


Instructor Materials Kit
  • 136 page Teacher Handbook
  • Money Savvy Pig Piggy Bank
  • USB Flash Drive with 109 color presentation images, four songs and four take home newsletters

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Product: MSK Instructor Materials Kit - Level C
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Student Bundle
  • Money Savvy Pig Piggy Bank
  • 21 page Student Workbook

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Product: MSK Student Bundle - Level C
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Product: 24-Pack MSK Student Bundles - Level C (w/ Blue pig)
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Note: The Licensing Agreement for the Money Savvy Kids curriculum requires the purchase one set of instructor materials per classroom and one student bundle (one Student Workbook and one Money Savvy Pig) per pupil. Instructor materials may be reused from year to year.