Young kids will have fun learning about money with the Activity Dollar Games!

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Ages Pre-K and Kindergarten

Fun way to learn essential math skills by using realistic money.

Each Activity Dollar Kit includes a 3 game series with a total of 18 full color cards and actual size plastic bills and coins (14 bills and 24 coins) to reinforce visual recognition and discrimination.

The three different matching games help build important early math and money skills:

  • The dollar bingo game reinforces recognition of each bill and each coin
  • The market game reinforces addition skills as students use bills and coins to arrive at the correct price
  • The comparison game introduces the concept of greater than and less than

These games will enable children to discover currency and become familiar with dollar coins and bills.

The Activity Dollar Kit will help children to develop skills in the following mathematical notions.

The Activity Dollar Kit includes 18 color cards divided into 3 series of 6 cards each. Each game in the series is identified by a color code:


The blue series cards let students play "dollar bingo" to help them learn visual recognition of different coins and bills.


The green series cards let students play the "market game" which engages them using bills and coins to make up a given price.


The red series cards let students play the "I buy" game where they compare the value of coins and bills with the notions of "greater than" and "less than."

Each kit includes actual sized and accurately designed bills and coins made of durable plastic.

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